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Shaun Christensen, DMD
155 South Midland Blvd.
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Dental Emergencies
Nampa, ID

Emergency Dentistry Nampa ID

No Insurance? No Problem!

We offer a one-tooth flat fee discount:

•  One fee of $180 for relief of pain.
•  $180 fee includes exam, x-ray and treatment for one tooth
(impacted tooth surgeries or root canals may require additional fees)
•  We accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, cash or cashier's check
•  Payment plans available for treatments more than $300

Pain Relief is Just an Office Visit Away!

If you have never suffered a dental emergency, consider yourself lucky. If you should suffer one, however, you should know what to do. The actions you take immediately following the emergency could mean the difference between a minor repair and one that is very serious, resulting in permanent loss of your tooth or worse!

The Knocked Out Tooth

The most crucial thing to remember about a knocked out tooth is how to preserve it, especially if you are dealing with a permanent tooth. The key is to keep it moist. Before you pick it up, however, make sure that you can do so from the top of the tooth, not the bottom as you could touch and damage the roots. If you can easily put the tooth back in the socket, do so. If not, place it in your mouth, between your cheek and gums. If that makes you uneasy, you can also store it in a glass of milk.

The Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is not as serious as a knocked out tooth, but it still requires an emergency dental visit. As soon as you are able, rinse your mouth out with warm water. You should rinse until you can no longer see blood. Once your mouth is clean, apply a clean, cold compress to the area to limit the amount of swelling that occurs as well as the amount of pain you suffer.

In either of these dental emergencies you should call us at (208) 505-9975 and get to the dental office as soon as possible.

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