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Bone Regeneration

Bone Regeneration from Middle Creek Dental in Nampa, IDPlatelet rich plasma (PRP) is an innovative therapeutic technique that has been used outside dentistry for years to help patients accelerate their body's own healing.

In the past few years, PRP therapy has begun to see use in dentistry as well. Middle Creek Dental offers platelet rich plasma as part of our arsenal of sophisticated dental techniques to bring you the best oral healthcare possible.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Your blood is made up in part of a fluid known as plasma. During PRP therapy, we take some of your plasma and then fortify it with a high concentration of platelets, which can boost tissue regeneration.

This means that you can recover from an operation faster, since your body is using platelets with three to five times the growth factors that the rest of your blood has.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Work?

Your body's normal healing process tries to patch up a wound by inundating it with a mixture of cell types.

These cell types act as catalysts for the healing process, and one of the most important of these catalysts are platelets and their powerful growth factors.

Studies show that platelet rich plasma is very effective in shortening healing time.

What Can We Use Platelet Rich Plasma For?

Platelet rich plasma therapy has a variety of potential uses, but we most commonly utilize it when performing bone grafts.

Bone grafts are a common technique that enable many patients who might not otherwise qualify for a dental implant become viable candidates.

Bone grafts are often necessary for patients considering dental implants, as the implants are anchored in the jawbone itself.

Without sufficient bone volume and density, the implant will not have the necessary stability. Bone grafts help remedy this problem.

While bone grafts can be transformative for many patients, the healing process can be lengthy, sometimes as long as a year.

By dramatically reducing this recovery time with PRP therapy, patients can have their dental implants placed sooner, restoring the form and function of their smiles that much faster.

How Safe Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

While platelet rich plasma is a relatively new technique in the world of dentistry, it has been successfully used for decades in medical fields as diverse as sports medicine, cardiovascular surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

PRP therapy is straightforward enough that we typically administer it as part of another procedure, such as a bone graft or dental implant, without any complications.

Plus, you never have to worry about contracting any blood-borne diseases because the therapy uses only your own blood.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you are getting a bone graft or another surgical dental procedure, platelet rich plasma can be a powerful tool to promote better healing.

If you are interested in how PRP can give you a boost during your next surgery, or want to learn more about how it can help improve your candidacy for dental implants, then call Middle Creek Dental today at (208) 505-9975 to set up a consultation!

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