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Middle Creek Dental believe in continuing education. Dentistry is a changing field with new technologies and research that allow dentists to treat their patients with increasingly comfortable methods. Middle Creek Dental also strives to educate our community on the latest dental news, and on public health related matters. We have made available to you several editions of our past eNewsletters, and we invite you to sign up and stay informed!

Most Recent eNewsletter:

January 2021
• How We Prepare Teeth Before Applying Veneers
• Do You Brush Dental Bonding Differently?
• Effects of Neglecting Regular Dental Care

Past Newsletters:

December 2020
• Dangerous Effects Stress Can Have on Your Mouth
• Is Ice Chewing a Habit You Should Give Up?
• Why Whitened Teeth Sometimes Feel Sensitive After Whitening

November 2020
• Will Braces Change the Shape of Your Face?
• 3 Ways to Improve Your Smile!
• What to Expect After Gum Disease Treatment

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